Born in Mitrovica, Kosovo, September 10, 1980
Lives and works in Berlin and Prishtina, Kosovo



2006 – 2008
MA, Fine Academy of Arts in Prishtina, University of Prishtina

MA, Winter semester, Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe NM, USA

1999 – 2003
BA, Fine Academy of Arts, University of Prishtina


Residency and Fellowships:

Cite Internationale des Arts – 2018 Winner, Paris, France

Q21 Residency, Museum Quarter, Vienna, Austria

Artist-in-residence in Tobacna Center/ City Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia

‘Apartment Project’ Residency, Istanbul, Turkey

Young visual art award at ISCP Residency, New York

New York ARTSLINK Residency, New York

KulturKontakt Residency, Vienna, Austria

Backyard International Artist Residency, Kuda-Center for New Media”Novi Sad, Serbia

International Artist and Writer Residency, Santa Fe Art Institute, USA

Braziers International Artist Residency, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, England


Selected Solo shows:


‘THE FADING LINE: Stories on the Edge of Legality’ Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, N.Macedonia


‘Above Everyone’ Charim Gallery, Vienna, Austria

‘Family Album’ DCK, Prishtina, Kosovo


‘Sooner or later you will catch the sight’ REITER Galleries, Berlin


‘Why Kamza” Bazament Art Space, Tirana, Albania

‘Whatever Happens, We Will Be Prepared’, The National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina, Kosovo

‘In spite of everything, there is a wall’, Charim Gallery, Vienna, Austria

‘Family Album’, ICSP, New York


‘Family Album’ Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary


‘F.M The Process’, Petrit Gallery, Cite des Arts, Paris, France

‘Just Another Hero’ Kunstraum LLLLLL, Vienna, Austria


‘HOTel’ Labin Art Express XXI, Labin, Croatia


‘Legendary dog’ Projektraum LS43, Berlin, Germany


‘Brotherhood Phallicism’ Museum of Fine Art, Split, Croatia

’47 km far from capital’ Artists Club ‘CoffreFort’, Brussels, Belgium

‘Mbi qiell nen’ COD,(with O.Lamaj) Tirana, Albania


‘Everyone has a story’ OneNightStand Gallery, Sofie, Bulgaria

‘From Brotherhood to Brotherly Love’ Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rijeka, Croatia

‘From Brotherhood to Brotherly Love’ ‘Trieste Contemporanea, Trieste, Italy

‘From Brotherhood to Brotherly Love’ Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia


The beautiful travelers’ MyToro gallery, (with D.Hajredini) Hamburg, Germany

‘Naming’ Serious Interest Agency (SIA) in Skopje, Macedonia

‘I never knew how to explain’ Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia


‘From Palestine to Tibet’ FAK at Schloßtheater, Munster, Germany

‘I never knew how to explain’ The National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina, Kosovo

‘Naming’ Java Galery, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina

‘My name, their city’ Miza Galery, Tirana, Albania


‘My name, their city’ Center for Contemporary Art ‘Station’, Prishtina, Kosovo

‘Its all about names’ KC Tobacna 001-Mesnta Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia


‘Politics of naming’ Myymala2 Gallery Helsinki, Finland


‘What’s In A Name?’ UnionDocs NY, USA

‘From east to the southwest’ Able Kulturverein, Berlin, Germany


‘All around’ Siz Gallery’ Rijeka, Croatia


‘Distance’, Center for Contemporary Art ‘Station’, Prishtina, Kosovo


‘Meat shop’, 1/60 Insurgent space – National Gallery of Art, Tirana, Albania


‘Beings’ Gallery Hani 2 Roberteve, Prishtina, Kosovo


Selected group shows:


‘Legendary Dog’ | Ulay & Alban Muja, Charim Gallery, Vienna, Austria


‘Bodies of Identities’ Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg

4th Autostrada Biennale, Prizren, Kosovo

‘I Wish It Was Mine’ Galerie Alberta Pane, Venice


‘Urban Text : This Space Called Balkans’ ICI, Paris

‘I dream of peace’ Kuenstlerhaus, Lauenburg, Germany

‘Manifesta 14’ Prishtina, Kosovo

‘Hot Mess’ Kühlhaus, Berlin


‘Beyond Borders’ Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

‘BON MÉNAGE…’ Galeria Alberta Pana, Paris

‘The Great Smoke of 2020’ The National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina, Kosovo

‘Beyond Borders’ Center for Contemporary Arts, Celje, Slovenia

3rd Autostrada Biennale, Prizren, Kosovo

‘Bigger Than Myself: Heroic Voices from Ex-Yugoslavia’ Maxxi Museum, Rome, Italy


Citizen Nowhere/Citizen Somewhere: The Imagined Nation, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland

3rd Industrial Art Biennial ‘Ride Into the Sun’ Labin /Opatija/Pula/Raša/ Rijeka, Croatia

Curated by 20 ‘HYBRID Unknown Identities’ Galerie Raum mit Light, Vienna, Austria


NSK State in Time, viennacontemporary, Vienna, Austria

Die Verwandlung / Borders are Vacillating, Center fort he Future, Fratres/Slavonice, Austria

‘All That We Have In Common’ MOMus Experimental Center for the Arts, Thessaloniki, Greece

‘Long live the war’ 59th Annale, Porec, Croatia

58th Venice Biennale – Pavilion of the Republic of Kosovo, Venice, Italy



‘Muslim Muliqi Prize’ National Gallery of Art, Prishtina, Kosovo

‘Stranger Than Paradise’ MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic

‘All That We Have In Common’ Museum Of Contemporary Art Skopje, North Macedonia

‘#3 New Geographies – Imaginary Beyond Crisis’, Palazzo Costanzi, Trieste, Italy



‘Symptoms of Society’ Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

‘Migration of fear’ Koroska Gallery of Fine Arts, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

Westkunst – Ostkunst. A Selection from the Collection-Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary

‘Utopia / Dystopia: Architecture, City, Territory’ Mestna Galerija / City Art Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

‘Migration of fear’ Art Today Association for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

‘The Travellers’ Kumu Art Museum, Tallin, Estonia

1st Autostrada Biennale, Prizren, Kosovo

‘Symptoms of Society’ Guangdong Museum of Art, China

‘Finding Kosovo’ Atelierhause Salzamt, Linz, Austria

‘Videobox Festival’ Paris, France

‘Resistance, movement, change – fragments of activist and artistic practices in the region from the 1980s onwards” S.C. Zagreb, Croatia

‘Migration of fear’ Forum Stadpark, Graz, Austria

NSK State Art: New York, The Impossible Return, New York



‘Ho(M)me’ Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery, Trento, Itali

‘Teatri i Gjelberimit’ Galeria Fab, Tirana, Albania

‘Omul Negru’ Galeria Nicodim, Los Angelos, USA

‘The whale that was a submarine’ Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary

‘Omul Negru’ Galeria Nicodim Cantacuzino Palace, Bucharest, Romania

‘The Travellers’ Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland

‘Private Nationalism’ Apartament project, Berlin, Germany

‘Normalities’ Austrian Cultural Forum, New York



‘This is not a palm tree’ Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany

‘Parallel Vienna 2015, Vienna, Austria

‘Imagined Communities – Personal Imaginations’ Budapest Gallery and Kiscell Museum, Budapest Hungary

‘Theories on Forgetting’ Gagosian Gallery Beverly Hills, USA

‘All about these…Ladies and Gentlemen’ Temporary Gallery, Cologna Germany

‘Do you want something sweet’ City Gallery Piran, Slovenia

‘Tirana Open – PaMur’, Tirana, Albania Mardin Biennale, Mardin, Turkey

‘Everything is Eternity” SIZ Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia



‘Private Nationalism’ Ostrale´014, Dresden, Germany

‘Balcony to the Balkans’ Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Germany

‘Multiplicity’ – NURTUREart Gallery, New York City, New York

‘The (Re)construction of Friendshi’, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga, Latvia

‘All about these…Ladies and Gentlemen, National Art Gallery, Tirana, Albania

‘Private Nationalism’ M21 Gallery, Pecs, Hungary

‘Liquidation’ Miroslav Kralavic Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

‘All about these… Ladies and Gentlemen’, Co-Pilot, Istanbul, Turkey



‘Onufri XX” National Gallery of Art, Tirana, Albania

‘XVII Biennale d’ Arte Città di Penne’ Penne, Italy

‘Free Zone Festival’ Belgrade, Serbia

Larger Than Borders, Trieste Contemporanea, Trieste, Italy

‘Victory Obsessed’ Pozan, Poland

‘DokuFest’ Prizren, Kosovo

‘Unkraut’ Kunstcamp MS DOCKVILLE, Hamburg, Germany

‘SB Film Festival’, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

‘2ndBiennial of Contemporary Art in the Atomic shelter in Konjic, Bosnia and

’50 Years of Ljubljana Art Gallery’ Mestna Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia



‘Sui Generis’ Museum of Energy – Santralistanbul, Itsnabul,Turkey

‘No So Distant Memory’-Festival of Video-art and Animation in Ufa, Russia.’Balkan

‘Florence Express’ Florence, Italy

‘Hebron Road/Ridge Route’, Art Cube Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

‘Between words: UrbanFestival 12’ HDLU and Barrel Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

‘Corner of HaTzionut Avenue and HaGefeb, BeitHagefen gallery, Haifa, Israel

‘Mediterranean – Arrivals and Departure’ Ancona, Italy

‘Cross-Time Stories’ Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York, USA

‘Archive V – Security and insecurity ’ Açıkekran Yeni Medya Sanatları Galerisi, Istanbul, Turkey

‘White’ CDA Projects, Istanbul, Turkey



‘Pixxelpoint 2011, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

‘Roaming’ Teatro Margherita, Bari, Italy

‘Not So Distant Memory’ Delaware Contemporary Center for Arts, USA

‘Cross Border Experience’ Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

‘Not So Distant Memory’ Cyberfest, St Petersburg, Russia

‘URBAN MAPS’ Tina B, Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Prague, Czech Republic

‘VIDEO/ COLLAGE: Architecture’ DAZ / Architect’s association, Zagreb Croatia

‘’  YVAA, Slovak National; Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

‘Spaceship Yugoslavia’ NGBK Berlin, Germany

‘Re-Locate’ Apartment Project, Istanbul, Turkey

‘LAMPEMUSA’ Archeological Museum, Lampedusa, Italy

‘PRIVATE | PUBLIC taking space — > making space’, Skopje, Macedonia

‘255 804 km²’ – Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria

‘Balkan Trafik’ Brussels, Belgium

‘Supermarket 2011’ – the artist-run art fair in Stockholm, Sweden

‘Big Screen Project’ The Center For Book Arts, ARTspace Media Art, New York



‘14 international short film’ Winterthur, Switzerland

‘Double bind’ Center for contemporary art ‘Casa Masaccio’ Corso, Italy

‘Sings of Futility’-Multimeridijan ’10, Pula, Croatia

‘Art forum Berlin, Germany

‘Word for Word, Without Words’ Mestna Galerija / City; Museum, Ljubljana Slovenia

‘SCREENSAVER’ Open Video Projects, Gorizia, Italy

‘255.804 km2” Mestna Galerija / City Museum, Ljubljana Slovenia

‘Qui Vive?” Moscow International Biennale, Moscow Russia

‘The Another Side of The Coin’ Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana Slovenia

‘LONDON LOVES’, Vitrine Gallery, London, UK

‘Berlinale’ 60 film festivale, Berlin Germany

5thVideo Festival ‘Catodica’ Trieste, Italy

‘Biennale Quadrilaterale 3/Biennale OFF’ Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia

‘Spasticus Artisticus’ Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, UK



Kasseler Dokumentarfilm & Videofest, Kassel, Germany

‘Balkan Snapshot Film festival’, Kriterion Amsterdam, Netherlands

22nd Festival Les Instants Vidéo Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, France

‘ 3 project’ Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

‘Ljubljana Graphic Biennale’, Lublana, Slovenia

‘After Ego’ Contemporary Arts Museum, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

‘A step to the right’ Open Space, Vienna, Austria

/si:n / festival of video art & performance, Ramallah / Jerusalem / Gaza, Palestine

10th Tempo Documentary Festival, Stockholm Sweden

4thVideo Festival ‘Catodica’ Trieste Italy



‘Cooperation BÄCKERSTRASSE4’ Platform for Young Artist, Vienna, Austria

‘Henkel Award for Contemporary Drawing, Art Point Gallery, Vienna, Austria

‘Kriterion Cinema Club Movie’ Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

‘Military City’ Polis Jadran Europa, Pula, Croatia

‘What about power relations’ Skuc Gallery & Vzigalica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

‘The Practice of Everyday Life’ Feinkost Gallery, Berlin, Germany

‘Plazma’, Siemens artLab, Vienna, Austria

‘It’s hard to be an artist’ Art Point Gallery, Vienna, Austria

1st t International Tehran Biennale “ Urban Jealousy” Tehran, Istanbul, Berlin, Belgrade

‘Control and Resistance on the Street’, Kontekst Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

‘Festival 404’, International Contemporary Art, Trieste, Italy

‘Exception’ Museum of Contemporary art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad and Kontekst Gallery Belgrade, Serbia

‘Play Grl’ Göteborg Museum of Art, Göteborg, Sweeden

2nd International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo, Athens, Greece

Festival by chance 7002, Pecs, Hungary



Zurich Film Festival, Zurich, Switzerland

11th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Jihlava, Czech Republic

‘Film, video and visual art Festival ‘T1’ Lisbon, Portugal

‘Plazma’, Leonhardi Kulture Project, Frafurtkt, Germany

‘Split Film Festival, Split, Croatia

‘Pa Titull’, Roxy Nod gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

‘Intothepill at her(his)tory’, Cycladic Museum Athens, Greece

‘Nobodies Story,:/Seconds’, Leeds, England

’53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany



‘Gift-Objects in Waiting’ – Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool, England

‘Objects in Waiting’ End Gallery, Sheffield, England

Semionauti ‘Border Crossing III’ Kult Gallery, Bologna, Italy

‘Indefinite Rituals’ Leonhardi Culture Projects, Frankfurt, Germany

‘ViennaBiennale1’, Vienna, Austria

‘Open Day’ Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, England

NOMAD screening program ‘Eclipsed Voices’, Amsterdam, Netherlands

‘Border Crossing –Semionauti’ C/O Careof, Milan, Italy

‘1:1 between personally in contemporary art’, HDLU Center Zagreb, Croatia



‘Our good resolution of the year’ National Gallery of Art, Tirana Albania

‘Visura Aperta Momian’  Video and visual festival Istra, Croatia

‘Marubi’ International conceptual photo exhibition, Tirana, Albania



3rd Video Art Fest ‘Home made marmalade’, National Museum, Prishtina, Kosovo

‘17th Instants Video nomade’”- Paris, Marseille, Nice, Metz, Martigues, France

‘Three different cultures in same place’ Casa de Cultura, Aliante, Spain

‘Love it or Leave it’ Cetinje Biennale 5, National Museum of Montenegro

‘Artist of Fun’ Artestudio Clocchiatti, Udine, Italy

‘Need a radical change’, Nova Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia


Public Projects:

2022 ‘Never Say Never’ Prishtina, Kosovo

2022 ‘Svi žele pogled’ Bihac, BiH

2021 ‘Enough is Enough’, Tirana, Albania

2007 ‘Tourist City’ Novi Sad, Serbia


Resident Lecturer:

University UBT, from 2106 – Prishtina, Kosovo

Faculty of Fina Art, University of Prishtina, 2012-2014, Prishtina, Kosovo

AAB University, 2012-2016 Prishtina, Kosovo


Guest Lectures held:

ISCP, New York

Cite des Arts, Paris

The Players, New York

Tulla Culture Center, Tirana, Albania

KC Dunaj, Bratislava, Stanica, Zelina, Takacka Kulturfabrik, Kosice, Slovakia

Columbia University, New York

AVA’ (Academy of Visual Art) Ljubljana, Slovenia

‘MoAA Museum of American art’, Berlin

Apartment project, Istanbul

Artslink’, New York

ISCP – International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York

Museum of Contemporary Art’, Novi Sad, Serbia

Brera Art Academy, Milan

Kontekst Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

by Albe Hamiti
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