2018 Video
11 min


The 1990s were very difficult for Albanians, most of which lived in two Balkan states, in Albania, which was just emerged from the “iron” dictatorship, and in the former Yugoslavia, which was occupied by wars. For decades all Albanians on both sides of the border were isolated and had no contact and even those families were separated on both sides of the border. For the first time Albanians of one blood, began to meet in the wreckage, fleeing illegally in Western countries to find peace and a better life. This luck had even ‘Forca’ with her family who flew to Germany illegally to seek asylum. After many vicissitudes along the way, ‘Forca’ with her parents arrived in Germany, but unfortunately, their asylum was rejected. This situation didn’t happen the same way as for the real “Force” and her family from Kosovo, whereas, because of the wars in former Yugoslavia, they have received asylum before. Three members of the Albanian family from Shkodra in Albania and three members of the family from Gjakova in Kosovo were socializing for a period of time, and after refusing asylum for the family from Shkodra, they received the Kosovar documents and fled to Italy. In Italy, they get asylum with the identity of the Kosovar family, living for almost 20 people with a fake identity. So two families live and receive the documents of the two countries of the EU, with one pair of documents. Such a phenomenon, where Albanians of Albania were introduced to seek asylum as Kosovars, had occurred most in all the western countries. Even nowadays, thousands of Albanian families live in the West as Kosovar families, whereas “Forca’s” family is just one of them.